When you plan your vacation, whether it is with your family, a few friends, or you are opting to travel solo, one of the most important things to consider is how you plan to get around once you are there. If it is a long-distance vacation to another country, it only makes sense to rent a car while you are there. It can be a bit of a hassle to learn how the public transportation system in the foreign country you’re visiting – it gets even more difficult if you do not understand the language. Rental cars can also be very helpful when you are about to embark on a long road trip. Here are a few other reasons you should consider renting a car while you plan your vacation:

1. It’s a convenient option for long-distance travel

When you rent a car in another country, you can count on that car to be there when you arrive. There is no trouble with having to memorize the train schedule and trying to understand which bus goes where when you use car rentals there instead.

2. Helps to save money as a group

Instead of relying on the one friend to bring their car along, a group of you and your friends can pull together enough money to rent a car. Not only do you save money as a group, but it also puts less responsibility on a single traveler in your group to bring their own car.

3. It allows you to explore everything another country has to offer

You will not be able to travel as far on foot, which means that you will miss out on a lot that a country has to offer. Renting a car allows you to cover more ground and get the most out of your vacation.

4. Provides travel flexibility and freedom

You might have a set of plans has soon as you arrive in the country which probably involves seeing the local area around the hotel. When you rent a car, you can change your plans at a moment’s notice. If you want to spontaneously travel across town (or go to another town altogether), you will be able to jump in the rental car and see more of the area.

5. Keep your own personal vehicle in decent shape

Long-distance road trips in other countries can put a lot of strain on your vehicle. Driving great distances will also put a lot of mileage on your car. When you are on vacation, the last thing you want is to be constantly concerned about the state of your vehicle.

6. Save money on cab fare, train travel, etc.

You could always rely on cabs to get around and they would provide the same flexibility and reliability that you would have with your own car. The thing is, the cab fare starts to add up. The same thing goes with trains, buses, and other ways of getting around. With a rental car, you just need to put down a one-time payment for a car that you can have full access to at any point.