You know, traveling is just an awesome thing to do, no matter where you are going. Whether you are headed to somewhere you have been before, or somewhere completely new, there’s always a chance to see something you haven’t seen before.

Of course, there are more than a few places on this massive planet that are well worth visiting, and at least some of those are worthy of repeat visits. Today, however, we are talking about the incredible country of Thailand.

As with any tourist, you may be asking if there are some things to keep in mind before traveling to a new country such as Thailand. Well, in the guide below, you will find five important things to keep in mind when visiting Thailand tours.

1. Avoid Feeding Monkeys

It feels wrong to say that, doesn’t it? Monkeys are awesome and quite a few people dream of meeting one, so why not give them a little nibble of food to be nice? Well, if everyone gives the monkeys a little nibble of their food, then the poor animals may lose their ability to find food on their own, which they kinda need to survive.

Plus, you do not want them to begin associating food with people, as that may lead to them harassing innocent people for food. This might lead to injuries for both the people and the animals. Also, monkeys are known to occasionally steal personal effects in order to look for food, and that’s not cool, right?

2. Bargain Intelligently

During your visit, you will most likely do some shopping. That’s a fantastic idea, as Thailand boasts some awesome stores and interesting things to purchase, although the art of the bargain is a bit of a delicate balance. Just try not to bargain too hard, and know when to walk away.

For instance, if the friendly banter of a bargain fades away completely, then you probably need to move on, but try not to let that one amazing piece that you found slip away due to over-bargaining.

3. Bug Spray is Good

As wonderful as Thailand is, it is openly acknowledged that it has a thriving bug population. Now, these insects are not going to go easy on you because you’re a tourist, and they will pretty much eat you up if you fail to take the proper precautions. For instance, it’s a good idea to ditch the perfume and cologne, then trade those in for bug spray. You might not smell as good, but at least those thirsty mosquitoes won’t be feasting on you constantly.

4. It’s Probably Too Good to be True

Picture yourself in a new country where you’re a bit of a fish out of water. Those well-traveled folks out there will know this feeling of being a bit vulnerable, and they probably know that vulnerability like that can be easily manipulated. For instance, if your cab driver suggests another place that is supposedly better than the destination you requested, they may be attempting to pull the old wool over your eyes.

This goes double for the drivers who say their meter is broken, as they may charge you way more than necessary since you are unfamiliar with how things work there. Simply put, be wary of supposedly good and fair deals. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

5. Toilet Paper is a Good Investment

You may be pretty attached to the whole toilet paper way of life by now. Therefore, any sudden and unexpected change to your bathroom time may just throw you for a serious loop. Packing your own toilet paper to carry around with you might just save you from the “bum gun” experience, which naturally is a water hose that is used for cleaning yourself up once your business is done. Of course, if you want to experience that, then you’re mighty free to do so. When in Thailand, right?