So, you have decided to start your own business and you developed everything; from a great and successful business idea, to business financing, marketing, and other crucial things, but you still struggle with the choice of people to hire, as you don’t want to ruin everything by giving chances to those who are not worth it. It’s not easy, and this seems to be the hardest part, especially if you are on the very beginning, but our list will bring you some of the tips for recognizing an effective employee, so we hope you may truly benefit from it. Every employer would like to have employees who are reliable, diligent, proactive, potential leaders, but also good followers. Of course, these are ideal features that can be easily defined, but it’s difficult to find an employee who has them all. Eventually, you don’t need to be obsessed by that. Make sure to read our list and to remember these tips that will help you recognize people who are worth investing in and supporting the job. Let’s start.

  1. They have a great work ethics

Work ethic is one of the most appreciated characteristics of both employers and employees, being the reason why, if you recognize it in your workers, you should definitely keep them. This includes a set of moral principles an employee uses in his or her job, that strongly affect their performance.

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  1. They always speak their mind

You don’t need quiet people, as you will always be forced to guess what are they thinking. People who don’t mind speaking their mind are usually very honest and very reliable, and you need to surround yourself with them.

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  1. They are first to come and last to leave

Hardworking people are recognized easily. If you have an employee who is always late for work and always makes excuses to leave earlier, think about letting them go. On the other side, those who are first to come and last to leave are true keepers.

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  1. They function great in a team, but can also work alone

Some people are simply excellent within a team, but they are unable to function all alone, and vice versa. When you see that you have employees that may function great in both cases, you should know that that’s one of the best characteristics an employee may have.

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  1. Their communication is on point

Employees who are not able to communicate with the rest or with their employers are more likely to make mistakes while they work, being the reason why healthy communication should be promoted all the time. People who manage to communicate successfully are people who are excellent workers in most cases.

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  1. They are flexible

This is the characteristic that is mostly misused by employers but make sure not to be the one who will do it. When thinking about flexible employees, we usually think about people who are willing to switch their shifts, work longer hours, and even work on weekends. This is great on certain occasions, and these people are a blessing.

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