Getting older doesn’t mean you don’t want to look attractive. You can take time to find ways to look and dress your best. Several fashion ideas can suit a woman in her 70s. When you are dressed stylishly, you will feel a lot more confident every time you leave the house or your retirement home.

Finding ways to look good at any age may be something you’ll want to do. Having the right clothing items on hand one of the best ways to defy age and feel fantastic. Choosing the right fashion statement pieces can make a huge difference in improving your confidence.

Don’t neglect to go shopping today to help you find many types of clothing and accessories to look well put together. To get started, here are eight fashion ideas for women over 70:

1. Give flats a try

You may not be in the mood to wear high heels at this age. Doing so may cause you regrets and could end up hurting your feet.

One of the best alternatives to wearing shoes that are too high is flats. These are no longer boring but do come in a wide range of styles and designs.

Selecting various colours of flats may be the ideal way to help any outfit look better. Choosing flats that have embellishments in place can add a dressy appearance.

2. Invest in accessories

Fashion for women over 70 doesn’t mean everything has to be basic and simple. Now is the time to get fancy and add the right accessories to any outfit you do choose. Having a variety of high-end pieces that look amazing, regardless of what you wear is ideal.

You may want to consider getting both statement pieces and some that are less noticeable. Taking time to find the right items to help you appear well put together will be worth the effort.

3. Add more collars

You may start feeling a bit self-conscious about your neck, and this could be the time to add more collars to your wardrobe. This will be easy to do when you choose some of the latest shirt trends that have a more detailed and appearing collar.

Sticking with brands that are well-known and well-made can be the key to making the best selections of clothing in your wardrobe. Many of these will have a higher collar, and you may feel more comfortable wearing these.

4. Choose the latest handbag

Handbags aren’t just for young women, they are also an important statement piece in fashion for women over 70. Carrying the right bag can make a huge difference in your overall look. Handbags can either make the right or the wrong statement but can certainly improve your appearance.

Look for a variety of trendy bags and some that may have a long-time stylish appearance. Doing this could be the key to having the bag you want and need regardless of where you’re headed.

5. Consider wide leg pants

You may want to avoid wearing things that appear too girly or too trendy at this age. Sticking to a more classic look is the ideal way to appear both younger and feel it.

One of the best options may be wide leg pants because these seem to have a timeless look. You can get these in a wide range of colours that are sure to be ideal for any day of the week.

6. Go for longer cardigans

You may find that keeping off the chill as you get older is a full-time job. The body temperature may go down quite a bit, and this could be the time to keep a cardigan handy.

Opting for the more extended variety can allow you to be stylish at any age. Wearing these routinely is the ideal way to show off your ability to remain stylish during your 70s.

Getting a variety of colours with or without a design could be the ideal way to help you feel better and look it any time of the day or week.

7. Select a turtleneck

Wearing turtlenecks may be something you find yourself doing more frequently. These can help your body temperature remain on the warmer side and help you feel covered up, as well.

It’s ideal for getting these in a wide range of colours that range in many brands. Having a wide variety of these in your closet could be the key to getting out and about while feeling comfortable.

8. Invest in white pants

Adding a pair of white pants to your wardrobe is a great staple item to have. You can wear these with many things during a large part of the year.

Selecting a stylish and high-quality pair of white pants may be one of the best things you do when you’re in your 70s. These are sure to add a lot of varying looks to your week and can help you appear attractive in the process.