No matter what type of business you are operating, there are many good reasons why your employees should own a mobile device. A smartphone or a tablet will make it easier to reach them wherever they are, and will allow them to use a forms app.

Read these 8 reasons why your employees should own a mobile device.

1. Mobile devices can be used to train employees

Whether you provide a smartphone or a tablet to your employees, or you make it possible for them to bring their own mobile devices at work, these devices can be used for training, and to distribute important information.

2. Your employees will be able to work from anywhere

Whether your employees have to go on frequent business trips, or they enjoy working from home as much as they can, a mobile device will make it possible for them to work, and to be reached quickly when they are out of the office.

3. It will be easier to contact your on-call employees

If you have on-call employees, you know how important it is to be able to reach them anytime. If they own a company smartphone, you won’t have to lose time wondering which number you should call to talk to them, even after hours.

4. Employees can use a forms app when they are in the field

For employees who need to perform inspections, mobile devices will help them work more efficiently. They can use a mobile forms app instead of paper forms, and save valuable time. They will be able to send the data they collect directly to your office.

5. Nothing will be easier than adding pictures to a form

When a forms app is used with a smartphone or a tablet, nothing is easier than adding pictures, sketches, GPS stamps, time stamps, and signatures to the mobile forms being filled out. It will make everyone’s job easier.

6. Your employees will be able to provide technical support quickly

If someone in the office needs the expertise of someone who is not in the office at the moment, a smartphone or a tablet will make it possible to provide quick technical support whenever it’s needed. Saving time, money and headaches is always interesting.

7. Your clients will quickly receive an answer to their questions

Most of your clients or customers own a mobile device, and they expect a quick response to their calls, their text messages and their emails. When your employees own mobile devices, they will be able to answer the important questions that are being asked to them.

8. You will be able to easily dispatch work orders

A forms app management system will also make it possible for you to dispatch work orders directly to the mobile devices of your employees, so they won’t have to go back to the office just to be told where they should go next. Once again, this will save them a lot of time.