The time that a child spends at camp is about so much more than simply occupying them during the school holidays. In today’s modern world that seems to be ruled by touchscreens and other technology, children are spending less time socializing than ever before. Making new friends and learning how to handle social situations are just a couple of the benefits of sending a child to camp. Here are 8 reasons why camps are essential for any child’s development.

1. They’ll meet children from diverse backgrounds

The camp counsellors and other children at the camp will probably be from a wide variety of cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. The experience of meeting people that are different from themselves will really give your children something to think about and help them to understand that the world is a big place full of lots of different people.

2. Gain confidence

Getting out their comfort zone is great for everyone. Attempting challenging activities like archery, canoeing and others will show your kids just how capable they are. With the encouragement of the camp counsellors, they will truly gain a lot of confidence in themselves and their ability to conquer any task.

3. Enjoy nature

Spending time at camp will allow your children to get back in touch with nature, Everything from jumping in a lake to something as simple as laying on the grass, camps fill a very important part of a child’s development. The memories that they make at camp will last a lifetime, they will be talking about their experiences here for a long time.

4. Learn how to lead

The social hierarchy at any school environment is set early on. Camps, however, are a clean slate that allows every child who attends to not have to worry about peer pressure or their current stature in school. Camps are a great place for children to take charge and lead from time to time, which may not be as possible at school. The skills they learn here can help them to gain the confidence to make their own decisions and not allow themselves to be led by others.

5. Get some new friends

Summer camp is a great place to make some new friends. Without the stress of schoolwork, your child will be able to make some really close, lifelong friendships. Meeting other children that haven’t grown up in their backyard can be an education in of itself. Not to mention the social skills that they will be developing that will help them throughout their whole life.

6. Exercise

A lot of camps these days will have a ban on cell phones, except for emergencies and the occasional check in with parents. This forces the children to look to other activities to keep them busy. The camp counsellors have a great many activities and games that will get them up and about and acting like kids again.

7. Find a new passion

With the wide variety of activities and things to do at camp, it’s quite common for a child to find something that they love doing. It could be swimming, crafts or horse riding. Many of these interests and activities that they try at camp can develop into lifelong passions.

8. It keeps them busy for the summer

Aside from all of the other benefits of sending a child to camp, this is one of the most practical. If you have a full-time job, the kids will need something to do during the day. Spending time at a camp will help to keep them occupied and break up the school holidays a little bit.