When buying futons, quality trumps everything else. Whether it is a metal futon frame, or a combination of metal and wood, futon mattress or cover, quality is the most important consideration. There are several common mistakes people make when looking for quality futons that are durable and appropriate for your living space.

Cheap futons may carry commensurate price tags, but you will soon be looking to replace them with high-quality durable futons. Quality futons, on the other hand, are perfect for small spaces and allow you to smoothly transition from the couch to the bed. You can use them in your living room or bedroom.

Below are some of the most common mistakes most people make when buying futons.

1. Buying the Cheapest Futon

That extremely cheap futon will cost you more in the long run. The reality is that you will get the futon you pay for. If it is cheap, it’s likely made from cheap material as well. Go for a futon that will serve you for a long time, no matter the amount of weight you exert on it.

2. Buying a Poor-Quality Mattress

Get a mattress that is appropriate for what you will be using the futon. The key considerations should be quality and comfort. A quality mattress is both sturdy and comfortable, whether you are sleeping or sitting on it. Futon mattresses feature different materials and thicknesses. It’s more expensive to buy a cheap mattress since you will have to keep replacing it. A quality futon mattress, on the other hand, is durable and sturdy enough to outlast countless cheap futons.

3. Not Testing It First

Test a futon before buying it. Sit on it to experience it before you buy it. Not every futon is the same. Don’t assume that just because the mattresses and the frames look similar they are of the same quality. Sit on them and only buy if you are convinced they are strong and comfortable enough to last for a number of years.

4. Not Getting Your Space Dimensions First

A futon may look smaller in a store. However, it can be the same size as a sofa. You need to measure your space and ensure you have adequate room to open and close it. There are different futon sizes you can choose from. You need to find one that fits snugly into your available space.

5. Buying a Used Futon Frame

It’s advisable to buy a new futon frame instead of a second-hand one. However, make sure that the frame is strong and stable.

6. Buying Knock-Offs from Questionable Stores

Whom you buy your futons from is the difference between quality and knock-offs. Buy from vendors who subscribe to rules and policies that govern sanitary beddings. Avoid knock-offs from E-Bay and other obscure stores that appear only interested in making a quick buck by getting rid of low-grade futons. To avoid horror stories of futon mattresses arriving at doorsteps soaking wet and/ or covered in grease, only buy from vendors with a reputation for quality futons and a professional service.

7. Buying an Ill-Fitting Futon Cover

As noted above, comfort is as important as durability. You lose the tactile strength and flexibility a futon mattress would have given you if you adorn it with an ill-fitting cover that is either too loose or too tight. Always go for a quality futon cover that perfectly fits your futon mattress.

Your home furniture should be comfortable, attractive and durable. Whether you are buying a futon for your college room, it’s reassuring to know it will make it through your college years, and perhaps a couple more as you prepare to buy a new one. Avoid cheap futons that will be useless in a year or less. They may cost less, but quality futons will outlast them by several years.