Storage lockers can be used to store almost anything, with an emphasis on almost. When you are deciding what is going to go into your storage locker you should first find out a few things about your storage locker set up. Are the lockers climate controlled year round? Is there adequate flood protection? These are just some of the questions that you should ask before you put your possessions into a storage locker. It will also inform you as to what you should and shouldn’t put into your storage locker.

When you are deciding what you’re going to put into your storage locker there are also some other considerations that you will need to make. To make things easy, we’ve compiled some self storage tips to help you out.

1. Electronics

You can store your electronics in a storage locker, provided that you pack it properly so that no moisture can get in, and also that your storage locker is climate controlled. Having your computer or TV in a storage locker that is not climate controlled can cause a great deal of damage as humidity increases.

2. Family heirlooms

If you have an item that can never be replaced and has a great deal of sentimental value you should not put it into your storage locker. Also rings, jewelry are also items that you should not put into your storage locker.

3. Artwork or valuable items

Any high-value items should be kept in your home. This is so that they will be more secure and you won’t have to worry about them becoming damaged over time and also so that they will be covered under your household items insurance. If you are not sure if they are already covered, you should make a point of calling your insurance company to find out exactly what you’re covered for.

4. Photos or film

You’re going to want to keep these at home too. Photos and film can degrade over time and you don’t want them in an environment where you are not able to keep a close eye on them. If you do want to keep them in a storage locker, you should make sure that the locker is climate controlled and that you have packed them in a suitable container. It is also a good idea to digitize any photos that you really don’t want to lose under any circumstances. There are many companies that specialize in converting pictures and film into digital format so that you never lose any precious memories.

5. Personal documents

If you must keep your records and personal information on some papers in your storage locker it is advised that you look into getting a secure filing cabinet. These can give you the added protection that you need to make sure that no one steals your documents. You should also ask yourself if you do not need these documents on a daily basis, do you need them at all?

6. Musical instruments

Most musical instruments are very susceptible to changes in temperature. This is especially true for wooden ones. Not only could they become damaged or warped beyond repair you may also run the risk of them being stolen as high-value items that are easy to carry.

7. Chemicals

This can be dangerous and toxic. If any of the containers leak you could do irreparable damage to your possessions. You may also cause a fire in the storage locker. If you are unsure of what you are allowed to store in the locker you should contact the owner for a list of things that you are not permitted to store.