You’ve decided now is the right time to add a furry addition to your family. Now, you’re researching the different dog breeds to determine exactly which new puppy would be the best fit in your household. An adorable Siberian husky puppy might be at the top of your list.

Properly researching this breed is important to a successful adoption, however. There’s no doubt these huskies are magnificent creatures, but they’re also athletic, smart, and strong-willed. They require dedication, time, and commitment from their owners.

1. You Have a Big Yard

Siberian huskies grow large. They also require a lot of time to play and exercise. Ideally, husky owners should have large backyards that are fenced in. Many huskies are known to be diggers and escape artists, so it’s important to have a reinforced fence and gate to protect your new puppy and keep them in the yard. So, if you have a big yard you’d be happy to share, a husky might be the best pick.

2. You’re Athletic

Siberian huskies require a lot of exercise—on a daily basis. They are bred to run, run fast, and run some more. They love to go walking, hiking, and jogging. If you’re constantly outdoors, exploring the wilderness, and taking on new adventures, a Siberian husky might be the best companion to have by your side. If, however, you don’t get outdoors much or you have difficulty exercising, you may want to look at adopting a lower-maintenance breed that doesn’t require hours of daily exercise.

3. You’re a Patient Trainer

Because huskies are smart, high-energy dogs, they can get destructive if they’re not properly trained. They not only require mental and physical exercise, but structure and training as well. They’re known to be independent thinkers, and they’re so intelligent that they won’t want to blindly obey any commands. As a result, Siberian huskies require patient trainers who will take their time and are in it for the long haul. A few obedience courses may not be enough to tame this force of nature. Training will likely need to be ongoing to be truly effective.

4. You Don’t Mind Some Fur

Siberian huskies have long double thick coats to protect them in the cold, and they shed—a lot. If you adopt one of these dogs, you’ll need to be ready for regular grooming and vacuuming. If you don’t mind having fur all over the home or spending time each week brushing your new furry friend, you’ll have a great time with a Siberian husky. If, however, you want a lower-maintenance dog in terms of grooming, a husky might not be the right breed for you. It’s also a good idea to ensure no one in the home is allergic to dogs due to all the shedding you’ll face.

5. You Want a Best Friend

Siberian huskies are known to be friendly, happy, loving, and loveable. They make great pets for families, and they love to snuggle in bed with their owners. They require a lot of attention, they aren’t the most obedient breed, and you’ll constantly be cleaning, but they’ll give their love back tenfold. And there will never be a dull moment with one of these comical pups in your home.

6. You Love the Cold

Living in Canada means dealing with harsh, cold winters. Some people stay indoors for much of the winter, while others enjoy the weather. Siberian huskies are arctic animals, and generally speaking, the colder the climate, the happier a Siberian husky will be. So, if you love being outside in the cold, a husky is likely the right dog for you.

Ensuring a breed is compatible with your lifestyle and personality will help ensure you adopt the right dog for your household.