Being a dentist is probably one of the coolest professions one may have. You get to have many job opportunities in the field, as both options of working in private or public hospitals are available, as well as starting with your own dental clinic. Not to mention the money – your salary as a dentist anywhere in the world tends to be quite high, let alone the money you may earn by having your own clinic. Additionally, this is a well-respected job, and only by mentioning that you are a dentist, you will see how people change their attitude when they talk to you. Of course, what we should all be aware of is the fact that becoming a dentist is not easy at all, as it requires lots of patience, lots of studying, hard work, and it is more than obvious that your social life may suffer in that process. However, it is really worth sacrificing those several years spent at dental school, as the result you have afterwards is priceless. There are many other interesting things when it comes to this profession, and our list will exclusively deal with them. Make sure to read it until the end and discover some of the most interesting facts about being a dentist.

Fact #1

The first person to be considered a dentist lived around 5,000 years ago, and his name was Hesi-Re from Egypt. Until the late 19th century, this was considered to be the male job, and the first official female dentist lived in 1866 and her name was Lucy Beaman Hobbs.

Fact #2

The best country to practice dentistry and to work as a dentist is, believe it or not, Spain. This country, besides being one of the most beautiful countries, is also the highest paying one when it comes to dentists, as the average annual salary is $176,000

Fact #3

It seems that dentists are threatened to become the endangered species, as, according to a research, the demand for dentists will increase by 21 percent, in 2022 adding. However, it has been estimated that there will not be enough dentists to meet the increased demand for dental services.

Fact #4

It’s not just an assumption that dentists are among most respected professionals, especially when it comes to medical field. According to a 2012 Gallup poll, dentists are rated quite high based on their ethics and honesty. In short, they ranked fifth out of the 22 professions with a 62 percent honesty rating.

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Fact #5

If money is your motivation, you should definitely be careful when it comes to choosing your dental profession. In this case, you should know that oral surgeons are highest paid within the field, with the average salary of $212,303 per year.

Fact #6

To confirm the notion that dentists are among richest people in the world, we must take the example of Dr. Dan Fisher, who is considered to be the richest dentist in the world. His net worth is estimated to be $1.1 Billion.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash