If you have been thinking for a while now to move out from your country, but you are afraid of change and don’t know where to go, maybe our list of best English speaking countries to move to can be helpful in this regard. Moving out from your home country, especially for the first time, may be one of the hardest decisions in one’s life, being the reason why people decide to spend their lifetime exactly where they were born. However, it’s always much easier to move to a country in which you may continue speaking your native language, as learning another one may be quite difficult. In the same manner, it may be quite easier to find a job or continue your education in such a country, so make sure to always take that into consideration. Don’t be afraid of change, as it may be something the best that has ever happened in your life. Read our list, to get some more options on where you could move to, and if you need help in that process, maybe Movers Toronto can help you. You need to keep in mind that English might not be the official language in these countries, but it may be spoken in certain institutions and by the majority of people. Check it out!

  1. Bermuda

This British Overseas Territory is one of the most logical choices when it comes to countries in which you may freely speak English. This is also one of the best countries to live in, as the salaries are on point and there are no income taxes.

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  1. Dominica

This Caribbean paradise is definitely the place you should think of, especially if you are able to invest. With the investment program developed in this country, you may easily obtain the citizenship and get all the rights as a Dominican citizen.

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  1. The Netherlands

If you wonder how come that we put the Netherlands on this list, make sure to remember that 90% of Dutch speak English. This is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the capital of Amsterdam is a dream city for many people.

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  1. Malta

There are many reasons to take Malta into consideration when thinking about moving out, while some of them are low taxes, openness to various industries, and the fact that 89% of all Maltese speak English. Malta also has the investment program, so if you are able to invest, you may get the citizenship, making it easier to live in Europe.

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  1. Bahamas

Living in the Bahamas is tax-free, and this may definitely be one of the best decisions to bring in your life. Incredible beaches and the fact that 87% of Bahamans speak English well can definitely be attractive, so if you haven’t decided yet, Bahamas are a great option!

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  1. Sweden

This is one of the wealthiest European countries, and it is definitely one of the best possible choices when it comes to moving abroad. You should know that 86% of Swedes speak English, so you definitely won’t have communication issues.

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