When you’re going on business trips, it’s important to review your accommodations. Hotels are what many people book. However, furnished apartments are better in a number of ways.

1. More Affordable

If you compare the cost of a furnished apartment with the cost of a hotel, apartments win almost every time. Especially with some of the larger, chain hotels, the costs can become extremely high. Then, you have added resort fees, parking fees, and more. Short term rentals are often rented by the week or month, dropping the per night fee down considerably.

2. More Spacious

You will find that there is a lot more room in an apartment than a hotel room. Most hotel rooms are no more than 200 square feet. That isn’t a lot of room, especially if you’re forced to share with someone else. You will have a living room, dining room, and potentially even multiple bedrooms. There will be more room to spread out and enjoy yourself. You can consider it your home away from home.

3. More Private

If you have to share the place with someone attending the same conference as you, it’s possible to each get your own bedroom. Even if you have the place to yourself, there will be more privacy because it’s not a hotel where dozens of people are going to pass your door every night.

4. Better Location

Many apartment buildings are in better areas of a city than hotels. It allows you to be close to where everything is. You might be able to walk to everywhere you want to go. You might even be able to skip the rental car and opt for public transportation to get to other places that are a little further away.

5. More Convenient

There will be a full kitchen inside of a short term rental. The benefit to this is that you can do some of your own cooking. You can go to a grocery store to stock the pantry and refrigerator. Pots, pans, and dishes are already in the apartment for you to use. You can stay in and have your own meal. It’s going to be easier to do your own cooking, plus you can save money.

Knowing how a furnished apartment can save you money will allow you to choose better accommodations when you go on a business trip. You’ll save money and have a nicer place to stay for a few nights.