People want to ditch the automobile. People don’t want to take a bicycle to work. People are getting fed up with public transit. So, what other mode of transportation is left for the consumer?

That’s easy. The electric bike, or ebike.

E bikes have become really popular in recent years, particularly as electric-powered vehicles start becoming more ubiquitous and the technology continues to be advanced and evolved. They are convenient, affordable, and easy to use

The only drawback that potential users have is the battery and its range. Will it die in the middle of the route? Does it need to be routinely replaced? How much will charging and replacing the thing cost anyway? There are indeed many factors when it comes to ebike batteries, but users have developed simple tricks to ensure they can get from point A to point B – and back – on the same charge.

Here are five tips for boosting your ebike’s battery power:

1. Ensure Your Battery is Fully Charged

Is this stating the obvious? Perhaps. But many people often forget this, including car owners.

Before you go for a ride, you need to ensure that your battery is fully charged. This can be achieved by charging your ebike as soon as you get home from work, the grocery store, or dinner out with friends and family.

Should you forget to charge your ebike battery, then your battery may die once you leave your humble abode. Simply put: keep a full battery.

2. Sport a Second Charger & Battery

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you have forgotten to charge your battery, or that your battery is old and it doesn’t last too long on a single charge. Well, then you adapt…or perish.

What should you do? Carry around a second charger and a battery. By doing this, you have fail-safe measures that will guarantee that you will never be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Battery dead? Just carry a mobile charger and/or an extra battery.

3. Pedal More When You Can

When you want to save the lifespan of your battery, or if you want to get a little bit of exercise in, then you need to pedal more when you can. And, should you decide to pedal, then make it hard. By adopting this simple but effective method, you can make sure that you don’t need to rely on your battery as much, which allows you to save energy, a charge, and the battery.

4. How High is Your Tire Pressure?

There was a recent report that motorists often don’t check their tire pressure anymore because they think their automobile will inform them that it’s too low or high. (Hint: it doesn’t.)

How often do you check your tire pressure? If your answer is rarely or never, then you will eventually and inevitably get into trouble. You need to keep your tire pressure high.

If you’re in the city, then tire pressure of at least 60 psi is optimal. Anything lower than that in an urban centre will make your ebike ride in a sluggish manner, eating more of your charge.

5. Take Proper Care of Your Ebike Battery

We typically don’t think how we can properly maintain an ebike battery. Everything from tire pressure to keeping the device clean, we unfortunately neglect to take care of the battery.

So, how exactly can you accomplish this objective? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Ride a little slower when you have long distances to travel.
  • Store your battery at room temperature.
  • Avoid the deep cold and the high heat.
  • Don’t keep it plugged in for more than 24 hours.
  • Try your best to refrain from riding in the winter.

Ebikes are fun, convenient, and inexpensive to own. They provide you with the best of both worlds: the ease of riding a bicycle and the (close) quickness of riding an automobile. It’s better than hiking 10 kilometres and it’s better than spending $1,000 per month maintaining a car. You just need to di your part in taking care of the battery. If you do, you have made a great investment.