Many people are guilty (and even admit it) of being distracted drivers. This is pretty scary because it is an accident waiting to happen. A distracted driver could hurt or even kill someone or themselves. Many people are addicted to their phones. Sometimes, you can even catch someone on the phone while they are driving.

This has become a big issue because you just can’t stop these people. As mentioned, it’s almost an addiction. Distracted driving isn’t just about the phone. Distracted drivers are about four times as likely to get involved in an accident. The services of a car accident lawyer will be required. Here are some tips on how not to let distractions get in the way when driving.

1. Get Comfy

As you are ready to head off, make sure that everything is okay and that you are absolutely comfortable. Make all your adjustments first, such as mirrors, temperature, air vents, set your radio to your favourite station and have your seat adjusted. This way, when you are driving, you don’t have to fiddle around with anything while you are driving.

2. Turn Your Phone Off

The phone is one of the biggest distractions to a driver. While some people will still break the law with regards to the phone, the thing is, for some people, the phone is incredibly important for their livelihood. However, the worst part is, for a lot of people, they may be texting about something unimportant and something that can wait. For the duration of your drive, turn it off and keep yourself and others safe. If you are expecting an important call (waiting for word on a quadruple bypass surgery, not where to meet before watching a movie), then pull over and talk. Hands-free is still distracting, so, as best you can, focus only on driving.

3. Eat First

Some people obviously have several pairs of hands, because they are driving while eating and drinking coffee. Even a professional juggler could not compete with the juggling abilities of these drivers. Eat first, or drive somewhere and eat in a restaurant but try never to eat while driving. It’s not worth getting into an accident, right?

4. Concentrate On What’s In Front

It can be so easy to get distracted with billboards and things happening on the side of the road or looking at shop windows. You need to get used to staying focused, then it will be easier to put aside such distractions. There are always potential dangers on the road. It only takes one second to get involved in an accident.

5. Plan In Advance

Not everyone knows where they are going. If it is a new place and you are not familiar with the way, then plan ahead. Check things out on a map first. Better yet, if you have a GPS, make sure you enter the right destination before leaving.

If you have kids or a pet in the car, make sure to secure everyone first. If there are any problems, pull over to the side and take care of any problems and then drive again. If you drop something, don’t try to reach down and start searching for it. It can wait until you get to your destination. Don’t forget that even though you might be careful, others may not be as responsible, so you need to be focused to make sure that you and your family stay safe from irresponsible morons who have no consideration for others.