Are you sick and tired of your significant other’s worn out bag he takes to work every day? Yeah, well, so is everyone else who comes across his path! The odour inside is nauseating.

The next time you want to buy him something, you may want to consider purchasing a leather briefcase. Birthdays. Christmases. Anniversaries. Or just to show him you love him. There are many excuses to make to buy the man in your life a leather briefcase.

Black or brown? Soft-side or hard-side? Expensive or cheap? We concede that it can be a little daunting at first, but a little due diligence can ensure he is ecstatic when he sees it.

Unsure how to buy the right leather briefcase? We are here to help!

Here are five tips for buying your husband a leather briefcase:

1. A Long Life? Seek High-Quality Leather

Let’s face it: we all have a tight budget, and not all of us have money like Bill Gates. But, like your grandmother always told you, if you want something to last you will need to spend more.

The same thing can be said about leather briefcases.

If you want your husband’s briefcase to have an extensive lifespan, then the best thing to do is to seek out high-quality leather, even if it is going to cost you more in the end. Like any other investment, it requires some skin in the game.

Buying cheap will get you cheap.

2. Style of the Right Briefcase

What style of leather briefcase you acquire can really depend on his occupation.

There are generally three main types of leather briefcase styles:

  • Attache: smaller, slimmer, more compact, more formal.
  • Hard-sided: lightweight, no shoulder straps, and plenty of dividers.
  • Soft-sided: a flexible briefcase that has many compartments and can be worn on your shoulder and collapse when not in use.

A lawyer may want a hard-sided briefcase. A software engineer may prefer a side-sided briefcase. A banker may desire an attache briefcase.

Now you know the styles!

3. Compartments Are Essential for Everyone

Ultimately, the more compartments a leather briefcase has the better is the for person. We carry so many things with us on a day-to-day basis: smartphones, laptops, tablets, paperwork, water bottles, lunch containers, coffee carriers, and the list goes on.

If the leather briefcase has several compartments, then bully for your spouse!

4. Expect to Pay a Higher Price

This ties into a previous point: if you want high-quality leather, then you need to expect to pay a higher price. Yes, we’re all a little short, and many of us live paycheque to paycheque, but if you want to show him that you appreciate his efforts in your relationship – watching romances, going to his in-laws, and going to bed when you need to go bed early – then it’s worth the added cost.

5. Be Sure to Complement the Case with a Cleaner

Men can be dirty and rough, even if they’re sporting a $300 leather briefcase. Boys will be boys.

To ensure that the leather briefcase remains in great shape for the next few years, it would be prudent to complement your gift with a leather cleaner. This can remove bacteria, dirt, and stains that he will inevitably inflict on the briefcase.

Don’t worry. Leather cleaners do not cost too much: you can either purchase it at the store you buy the briefcase, or you can head over to the dollar store.

In today’s world of cheap materials and inferior labour, you don’t see too many leather briefcases in the downtown core or in rural areas. It may seem vintage and outdated to many, but to some it is a gentleman’s style. If you want to really surprise your husband, and help him bring back the style of yesteryear, then gift him a leather briefcase next month for his birthday.