Trying to conceive through in vitro treatment is an incredibly exciting time! If you’re worried about your chances for success, there are a few things you can do to help your body along with the process. Use these five tips to help you with the in vitro treatment process!

1. Make Sure You Get Thoroughly Checked Out

Any successful in vitro treatment needs to start with a checkup. A medical examination will give you crucial information to help ensure a successful in vitro treatment. Your doctor will tell you if your uterus is ready by making sure there are no polyps, fibroids or scar tissue. The examination will reveal if your fallopian tubes are clear of fluid. Something as simple as having fluid in your tubes can reduce your chance of success.

Another important thing you’ll find out at your examination is if you have enough eggs. It usually takes around two tests to estimate how many eggs you can get. Part of the checkup also needs to include examining the sperm from your partner. The quality of the sperm needs to be adequate to give you the best chance of success.

2. Work On Strengthening Your Mental State

Believe it or not, your mental state has an impact on the success of an in vitro treatment. It’s not exactly accurate to say stress will kill your chances, but stress definitely isn’t something that’s going to help. A study from Harvard Medical School found that group therapy doubled the conception rate for women who previously had trouble getting pregnant.

Taking care of your mental state will benefit you in the long run. Simple tasks such as taking the time to meditate will significantly benefit your mind. Invest in candles, essential oils and whatever else you need to feel relaxed. You can also try contracting specific muscles one at a time which is an excellent way to strengthen your mind/body control.

3. Commit To Getting Regular Exercise

A study from Connor’s Center for Women’s Health found that women who participate in lots of vigorous activity are less likely to experience infertility. The study estimated that each hour of intense activity reduces your risk of complications by as much as 7. What this means is that exercise is something you cannot afford to ignore. The women in this study started exercising well before the study so you should give your body time to get in shape before undergoing in vitro treatment.

4. Eliminate Substances That Harm Your Body

Caffeine and alcohol are substances that harm your body and your chances of a successful in vitro treatment. Excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol can affect how your body reacts to pregnancy. These substances can influence pregnancy rates, miscarriage rates and your body’s ability to retrieve eggs. If men continue to drink, smoke and ingest caffeine, the adverse side effects can be passed on through the sperm.

Limit your caffeine intake to just one (small) cup a day and try to stay away from alcohol. Men should also eliminate caffeine and alcohol to keep the sperm healthy.

5. Don’t Get Discouraged If Things Don’t Work Out

If the in vitro treatment doesn’t work, it isn’t your fault. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Successful in vitro treatment rates hover around 41%. It’s important to focus on factors inside your control such as keeping your body healthy. Thinking positively will make the process easier for you and your partner.