In modern-day society, with a vast range of technologies and smart watches, traditional watches have slightly taken a backseat and seem to be undervalued by new generations. However, it still stands that a good-looking watch is an accessory that adds a level of class and style that no technology could ever provide. Wooden watches further add a level of uniqueness, along with a very natural twist.

There are many reasons why women are leaning towards purchasing wooden watches. Here are a few of the best.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Compared to metal or plastic, wood is a renewable natural resource. Trees are naturally grown all over the world and it is highly unlikely that we will run out of them anytime soon. They are also naturally grown from seed rather than plastic or metal, which can be toxic to create. Furthermore, when re-sizing or altering a wooden watch, less energy is needed compared to plastic or metal.

In a world full of manufactured items made from plastic, metal and synthetic fabrics, it is a breath of fresh air to come across a product that is totally natural in composition and image. Although it is only a small mark to make on the universe, every little bit helps in preserving our environment and promoting the use and value of natural items.

2. Unique and Rare

When a watch is made using a piece of wood, it is 100% unique and there is no watch that can be crafted the same. The shape, colour, and direction of the grain in the wood will always be unique to the exact tree used. Also, it is rare to see somebody wearing one, which is unusual in today’s society where everybody buys the same mass-produced products.

The wooden watch is so rare that it will easily attract attention, conversation, and appreciation. It adds sophistication and class that no other piece of jewellery could boast.

3. Recycling

Most wooden watches are made from reclaimed or recycled wood, which prevents wasteful disposal and gives each watch a unique story. The watch could be made from the sailing beams of a yacht or an old farmhouse from hundreds of years ago, making it a historical unique timepiece.

It is even possible to choose the wood yourself from a tree at your family home or another piece of property, making wooden watches incredibly powerful and sentimental to the owner.

4. Chemical Free and Hypoallergenic

Wearing something daily means that it is against your skin, being absorbed for many hours at a time. All wooden watches are made with coatings that are chemical free and non-toxic. Often, you see allergic reactions or skin issues due to certain types of metal or plastic against people’s skin, leading to discoloured skin or painful rashes, but this will never happen with a wooden watch.

5. No Nickel

Nickel is often found in the back plates of many metal watches, and there are many people who are allergic to this without realizing it. This means that, once they’ve made their investment into a watch that they hope to wear every day, they end up with blisters that become irritated and sore, and it is only then that they realize their allergy, leading to a very costly purchase being wasted and unusable.

When investing in a wooden watch, the buyer can rest assured that there is never any nickel present in the item.

Wooden watches are superior to other watches for many reasons. Many women are now investing in wooden watches to add a classic, unique timepiece to their wrists, leading to much admiration. Buyers can rest assured they and their families will cherish these items for many generations.