Every time spring rolls around, every homeowner wants to clean up their property, perform some fix-it-yourself project, or enhance the look of their home. When it comes to your home’s roofing, you can complete all three spring goals.

Now that Old Man Winter has left – or, at the very least, is about to end his prolonged welcome – you now have the opportunity to conduct some routine maintenance, spring cleaning, and pet projects you dreamed of throughout the autumn and winter months. (Yes, you now need to put those aspirations into practice!)

One area that you should consider focusing on is your roof. Indeed, it may not sound sexy in the world of home renovation and do-it-yourself (DIY) goals. But it is one of necessity.

Whether it is maintenance or repair, you need to turn your attention to the rooftop. How exactly?

Here are five spring DIY roofing tips you need to know:

1. Yes, Get Those Hands Dirty in the Gutters

Let’s be honest: gutters are disgusting to either look at or to touch.

That said, it is essential to get your hands dirty by placing them in the gutters and toss out all of the debris, dirt, and nature’s elements. It is safe to wear gloves getting this done.

Once you have cleared all of the junk in the gutters, grab a hose and start cleaning the inside.

2. How do Your Shingles Look?

It was a horrible winter this year. We definitely took quite the beating in terms of snow and cold. You know what else experienced a significant beating? Your rooftop, as well as the shingles.

Because of these weather events, your shingles may be weakened over the last few months – of course, years of snow, ice, rain, and pellets can do it as well.

With this in mind, it is essential to inspect your shingles and determine if they are still in great shape. Otherwise, if you feel their efficacy has diminished greatly, then you need to replace them. Should you refrain from doing so, you could risk suffering an expensive replacement.

3. Search for Holes in the Roof (Look Inside)

No homeowner wants to see holes in the roof. Indeed, it can be difficult to find holes, which is why you need to venture into the top of your home, like the attic or bedrooms, and look at the ceiling. What should you look for? Here are a few ideas:

  • Sun holes.
  • Damaged ceilings.
  • Water marks.
  • Drips of water.

Speaking of drips of water…

4. Grab the Hose and Spray the Roof

One of the next methods you need to adopt is this: grab a hose and start spraying the roof. You should only wait to do this when it is sunny and warm outside.

You accomplish a couple of things with this measure:

  • You clean the rooftop.
  • You get to see if water is seeping through the roof.

After you have sprayed the roof, you need to go to your attic, bathroom or bedroom, and determine if water is entering into the interior of your home. If that is the case, then it is apparent that you have roofing damage.

5. Notice Major Damage? Hire Roofers Now

If you witness major damage, then there is only a single course of action you must take: hire a roofing team now to either repair or replace your rooftop.

Let’s be honest: when it comes to your roof, there is only so much DIY you can do. This is a serious investment that you’ll inevitably make, so you want the pros to assist you.

Maintaining, repairing, or replacing a rooftop doesn’t seem fun and exciting. We all know how much you wanted to construct a patio this season. However, a sturdy, dependable, and well-kept rooftop is essential to living inside a comfortable home. Without one, you will deal with chills, water damage, and higher energy bills – in this province, you don’t want that!

After you conduct your spring routine, and if your roof is in bad shape, hire a professional team of roofers!