Don’t you just feel that your home looks like it just leapt out of a Sears catalogue from the 1970s? If so, you should embrace modern colours and breathe some new life into your palace. Whether you are looking to sell your home or you have decided to live in your humble abode for the remainder of your days, it is time give your home a new coat of paint.

Before you head to the home improvement store and purchase the supplies you’ll need, you must first hear what the pros have to say. With tons of experience, they know how to paint well.

Interior painting takes more than just moving a brush up and down. You’ll see! Here are five interior painting tips and tricks that all homeowners should know:

1. Professionals Always Trim First

We mere amateurs tend to grab your paint brush and start tackling the job. This is not what the professionals do. They have a certain way of doing thing: they paint the trim first, then the ceiling, and then the walls. You likely do the opposite, but won’t offer you a clean job.

It is much easier and quicker to tape off the trim than to tape off the walls.

Just remember that when you paint the trim you only need a smooth completion. If some of the paint gets on the walls, you will soon cover it when you move on to painting the walls.

2. Don’t Keep Your Furniture Exposed

Yes, many households cover their furniture with plastic, blankets, or canvas drop cloths. But the best thing to do in general is to simply move everything out of the room so nothing gets exposed.

It can be a pain in the neck to transfer the armoire, the four-seat sofa, the antique desk, and all of those copies of Agatha Christie and Vladimir Nabokov to another room. However, it will allow you to do a much better job without having to worry about damaging your items.

3. Try to Sand Between Coats

Here are what amateur interior painters generally do: paint a wall, let it dry, then paint it again. You probably apply two, maybe three, coats and then you sand the wall. Wrong way to do it.

Professional interior painters paint a wall, let it dry, and then sand the area. After the sanding is completed, they apply another coat of paint.

Your rooms will look a lot nicer doing it this way.

4. One Wall at a Time

Believe it or not, homeowners who decide to embrace the do-it-yourself (DIY) trend will make this common mistake: painting more than one wall at a time. Because they think this will save them a lot of time and energy, they will paint all of the walls at the same time.

This is the worst way of painting the walls in your living room, library, or bedroom.

Industry experts suggest to paint one wall at a time. Although the pros have their own reasons of applying this trick, it is better to perfect one wall, get a hang of it, and then ape that behaviour.

All you need to do is cover your paint bucket, grab your paint brush, and move the floor covering to the next wall. That’s it. See? Not so tough, huh?

5. Tape Windows? Forget IT! Just Scrape

Wait a minute…you cover your furniture, tape the corners of the floor, and move your items, but you don’t tape the windows? That is correct! Forget taping the windows for now.

But how do you protect the windows from the paint? That’s easy, too. Just scrape it off.

Let’s face it: paint will typically splash on the windows anyway. So, here is what you do: allow the paint to dry, get your hands on a blade, and then peel the paint off by scraping. This won’t cause any lingering damage.

And there you have it…

Professional interior painters thought you should be aware of some of the industry’s tips and tricks. This is how they make rooms look immaculate. But, should these measures be too difficult to employ, then it is highly recommended to book an appointment with the best in the business. Don’t risk damaging your walls or doing a poor job.

If your rooms look like they belong in the 1970s, then it’s time for a new paint job.