If you like to move, please raise your hand. Anyone? Anyone at all?

The process of moving from one home to another is exhausting, costly, and stressful. Everything from trying to find the right movers to attempting to pack everything you own into a couple of boxes, moving is a task that we don’t want to experience. That’s life.

But moving professionals don’t think it has to be so difficult that you’re willing to just throw out 90 percent of the stuff that you’ve purchased in the last five years. It takes planning, organizing, and patience to get prepared to move.

Is the big day on the horizon? Well, it’s time that you get ready. It’s going to be really something. Just be sure you take the advice of industry experts.

Here are five things movers want you to know to make moving easier:

1. Never Wait Until the Last Minute

We’re all guilty of this: waiting until the last minute to pack, organize, tape everything, and get everything in order for the next day…or next hour.

This would be the worst way to move, and it will definitely perturb the movers.

If you know you’re moving in the next couple of months, then it would be a prudent idea to get started early. You don’t need to pack everything you own and twiddle your thumbs until moving day arrives, but there are the little things you can do:

  • Purchase all of the moving supplies you will need.
  • Start searching for the best moving company.
  • Declutter your apartment or home (see below).
  • If you don’t use it, then pack it!

It is these little early tricks that add up and make the big day a little bit less stressful.

2. Declutter, Purge, Chuck – Shed the Fat

Spend a few minutes in each room of your humble abode and take a look around. And we’re talking taking a deep, extensive, soul-searching look!

How much stuff do you have? Now, how much of that stuff do you really use?

The rule of thumb: if you haven’t used the product, worn the shirt, or even touched that book in at least six months, then perhaps it is time to toss it, donate it, or recycle it.

3. Label Your Boxes for Future Use

When you can’t find the underwear, the cutlery, or television remote, all hell breaks loose.

This occurs because many people fail to correctly label their boxes. Not only is this a great idea for moving because it informs the individual what is inside, it allows you to make unpacking that much easier. You don’t need to break open every single box or tote.

4. Use Packaging Supplies You Get

The more packaging supplies you purchase, the more expensive your move becomes. But here is a simple trick that many startups use: keep all of the packaging supplies you receive.

For instance, when you open an Amazon Prime box
, you will notice clear poly bags to protect the item. If you wish to shield your fragile items, then you can keep these and transfer them to your moving boxes.

It’s little things like these that can save you money and time.

5. Have Access to Your New Place Early? Move

Let’s say you have scheduled June 30th to be the date you move, but you can have access to your new place on June 25th. Why not use those five days to move some of your boxes, totes, furniture pieces, appliances, or bags yourself?

This will save money on the move, it will reduce the length of time it takes to move, and your new home can already feel like home because your stuff is inside.

Movers have seen and done it all. They have witnessed clients who are not prepared for the move. They have experienced customers who have exaggerated their needs. They have even come across consumers who have just abandoned most of their stuff because they couldn’t be bothered to throw it in a box.

With this in mind, moving professionals want you to know a few things before you schedule an appointment. Once you have these tips lodged in the back of your mind, you can have an easy moving day without any of the hassle and major expense.