If your marketing strategy this year includes incorporating promotional products, you’re a step up from your competitors. If you’re not quite sure just how you use those promotional products, or need to know how to best use them to your advantage, you need to use them beyond just within your company.

But how do you do that? You’ll need to use your amazing promotional products internally, externally, and even beyond that. How do you do that? Read on to learn how to most effectively use promotional products.

1. Spread Some Love

No matter if you have 10 or 10 million current customers, you should show them some appreciation. Customers love to get free stuff, especially when it’s something they can actually use, rather than just chuck into the nearest recycle bin when you’re not looking. This means giving branded products they’ll like using.

When you do this, they become brand ambassadors for your company and their loyalty to your company increases at the same time. Recent research shows that almost half of all people polled said they would use promotional products more often if given the opportunity.

2. Start at Home

Don’t ever overlook your employees when it comes to branded products. Where better to advertise your business than within your office walls? Employees can drink from branded mugs, write with branded pens and pencils, wear branded shirts…you get the idea. Your employees will like getting branded gifts they’ll actually use, as long as they are given things they can use.

3. Build Rapport

If you’re having trouble getting a sales appointment with someone, having promotional product giveaways gives your sales people a legitimate reason to drop in and visit with the client. When you stop in with free stuff, it gives you an “in” to build rapport. Positive emotions created by receiving free goodies will translate into a positive relationship between your brand and them, the consumer. These positive emotions can subconsciously steer them in decisions about your brand. When you have some great promotional products to give away, potential clients and customers will be impressed and interested about learning more about your company.

4. Get Visible

You can gain new customers and build awareness for your brand by giving out promotional products at company-sponsored events. You’ll be able to maximize your company’s visibility with promotional product freebies that keep your name or message on people’s minds long after the event is finished.

Your free giveaways promote a great impression on people and that visibility will continue again and again. Over 80 percent of people keep promotional products for over a year, which adds up to a lot of free exposure for you.

5. Stand Out

Pull in new customers and get everyone’s attention at trade shows by giving away innovative promotional products. Amidst a bunch of other vendors, you’ll make an impression if you follow two important rules:
a) Don’t just pile all your promotional products onto a table display for people to take as they please. This will not only diminish the value of your items, but it will also take away your opportunity to connect with potential customers. When you personally hand your promotional goodies to visitors at your booth, you’ll make a much more memorable impression because you took the time to create a personal touch.
b) Choose products that your audience will be more likely to keep and use. Pick relevant items that they will find trendy, useful, or fun. Consider what kind of trade show it is. Know your audience and choose items they’ll appreciate getting for free.