An ancestry DNA test has become all the rage in recent years. With 99.9 percent accuracy rates and the results arriving to your doorstep in a short period of time, many people are taking advantage of the ancestry DNA services all over the web.

Of course, you should do your own due diligence and necessary research, but this is a test that you should do – and, unlike those mathematics tests in high school, you will actually enjoy it!

Still not convinced to take the test? Let’s explore other reasons!

Here are five reasons to take an ancestry DNA test:

1. Connecting with Distant Relatives

You may have a long lost great uncle living in Uruguay. You may have a brother you never knew residing in Liechtenstein. You have a great grandmother finishing her days in Austria.

Whatever the case may be, by taking an ancestry DNA test, you dive into history, find family members you never knew you had, and connect with those distant relatives.

A lot of what you always wanted to know can finally be determined. Or, you can finally learn why you look so different from your immediate family, particularly your parents and siblings.

2. Find Out Who You Really Are

During your entire life, you have been told by your mother and father, aunt and uncle, that you are 50 percent Dutch and 50 percent British. You’re a WASP.

For whatever reason, you just didn’t believe it. You always had an inkling that you had might have some Latin inside of you or that relatives from eons ago may have come from North Africa.

By undergoing an ancestry DNA test, you can find out who you really are and have some of your suspicions confirmed or denied.

In the end, you may realize why you have a love of the tango or sushi.

3. Take Advantage of Cheap Tests

Thanks to the development of new technologies and easier connectivity, ancestry DNA tests have never been so cheap. For just a few bucks, you can study your extensive family tree. It is remarkable, especially considering that this would have been an extensive and costly endeavour from many, many years ago.

Because it is affordable and takes no time at all, you should take advantage of these tests.

What do you have to lose?

4. Allow Your Family to Comb Through the Past

An ancestry DNA test should be performed with the entire family. The more the merrier.

Once you take the test and you receive the results, you should sit down with your family – parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, grandparents, cousins, and many more – and share the findings. This can be an interesting time for the family, particularly if the results are new.

Just imagine that you have been told your entire life that you are half Irish and half Austrian but it turns out that you have some South African or Peruvian inside of you.

5. Help the Future

Also, by taking a test today, you can help people tomorrow.

The more people do the ancestry DNA test, the more accurate and extensive the results will be. One can only imagine if half the planet participated in these types of tests. Many people can get to know the most distant of family members. It is truly remarkable. So, do you want help the future? Take a test today.

Whether you have a feeling that you are Scottish or you really want to determine your lineage, an ancestry DNA test can pique your curiosity. You won’t need to keep guessing and you won’t need to do your own family tree. Do you want to know where you come from? Do a test.

Plus, you may learn that you have a lonely billionaire uncle! Or is that wishful thinking?