Finding a hairdresser or a barber can be as difficult as finding a mechanic or family doctor. Sure, they are ubiquitous, but locating a professional who will do everything you want can be next to impossible. This is why some people will go to the end of the world to get a haircut if they have come across a salon that suits their needs.

That said, have you ever wondered if it has more to do with you than the stylist? It’s often said in psychology that the old adage of “it’s not you, it’s me” is quite true.

This can be used in the world of hair salons, too. You saunter into a business, you ask for a haircut, you give a faint impression of what you desire, and then you leave unhappy, prompting you to complain online and go somewhere else.

But did you collaborate with the salon? Unlikely.

Hair salons wish their clients knew several things before booking an appointment and setting foot inside the establishment. If they did know a few things, they’d likely be more satisfied.

Well, here are five things every hair salon wants clients to know:

1. Arrive to Your Appointment Clean

Yes, your hair will be thoroughly washed at the hair salon before getting a cut and colour. However, if you haven’t washed your hair in a week and there is a ton of product in the strands, then it will certainly make life a bit more difficult than it needs to be.

Whether the colour is applied unevenly or your skin breaks out from the dye, coming to your appointment with unwashed hair is unwise.

Simply put: the day of or the night before, just wash your hair. It’s that simple!

2. Have an Idea What You Want?

You saw this beautiful hairdo on Instagram. You noticed an actress sporting an awesome haircut at a recent awards ceremony. You watched an old motion picture from the 1950s and you want to emulate that style.

In other words, you have an idea what you want. If that’s the case, then you need to let the hairdresser know. Moreover, it is important to show the stylist what type of haircut you want with a picture or a video. Otherwise, your vague description won’t be of assistance.

3. Collaborate with Your Hair Dresser

Throughout haircuts, some people like to talk, while others don’t enjoy the exchanging of pleasantries. That’s fine. But it is essential to collaborate with the hair salon during the process.

So, if the hairdresser looks like she isn’t getting the right cut, let her know. If the colour is off, let her know. If your hair is barely being trimmed, then let her know.

It’s no use sitting there in a catatonic, silent state. You need to participate in the cut, colour, and style. Because then you’ll leave the business disappointed, angry, and perhaps even vengeful.

4. Be Respectful During Your Visit

Look, we all know how passionate you can be with your hair. Men and women share this enthusiasm. This can also mean that if something goes wrong, you may become belligerent.

Don’t behave in that manner.

Like anywhere else in life, you should always remain respectful at all times, even if you’re dissatisfied by the haircut.

Be respectful. Be communicative. Be nice.

5. Don’t Like Something? Say Something

Should the receptionist, hairdresser, or even owner be uncouth towards you, then you should say something. Or, if your entire appointment was a disaster, then express yourself in a calm manner.

It is important to adopt the idea of “don’t like something? Say something.” And, no, going to social media and complaining will not solve the problem.

Hair salons are your escape from the hustle and bustle of the asphalt jungle. There is nothing more relaxing than a haircut, a cup of coffee, and a fruitful discussion with your hairdresser about the current account deficit and foreign capital surplus stemming from trade between the United States and China.

Hair salons have seen it all: pleasant clients and angry ones, cooperative customers and disrespectful ones. They want you to know a few things before you enter the store. If you do, then you can find one hair salon and stick to it.