It’s easy to feel your style is stunted when wearing your nursing scrubs. It’s hard to look your best when everyone is wearing the same thing. However, there are a few things you can do to make your scrubs look better without sacrificing your professional appearance. Use these five easy tips to help you look good in your scrubs!

1. Use Minimal Accessories

Accessories can help you stand out; however, you need to make sure you keep it subtle. Loud accessories aren’t the best in a healthcare environment. A slender necklace, small earrings or a bracelet are examples of accessories you can use to spice up your nursing scrubs. Your watch is also an accessory that you probably use a lot throughout the day and can add flair to your work outfit.

Personalizing your scrubs is another way you can add excitement to your outfit. You can get your name or initials embroidered on the front of your scrubs or one of your sleeves. You can also use pins to make your scrubs pop. You don’t need to worry about your pins being unrelated to healthcare, as long as they are work-appropriate and reflect your personality.

2. Make Sure Your Nursing Scrubs Are The Right Fit

Wearing baggy scrubs significantly diminishes your look while you’re at work. When picking out your scrubs, making sure you have the right fit is essential. Most nurses often end up in scrubs that are much too wide and fit like a poncho. Baggy scrubs can get in your way while you’re trying to work.

If you’re struggling to find a pair of nursing scrubs that fit, take them to a tailor. Tailoring your scrubs gives you the best fit possible You’ll find it’s easy to feel confident and stand tall when you’re wearing scrubs that fit. Taking your scrubs to a tailor is also great in case you need to repair any tears or holes.

3. Experiment With Colors

Playing around with the color of your scrubs can help you find scrubs that help you look your best. Nursing scrubs that match your skin tone are an excellent way to make your work outfit stand out. The idea is to  appear warm and vibrant. If you have pale skin, try experimenting with light blues and greens. If you have darker skin, you can experiment with rich, bold colors.

4. Present A Clean Appearance

Presenting a clean appearance is a great way to make your patients feel at ease while you’re at work. Maintaining a clean appearance makes you look professional and trustworthy. Don’t show up with stains or holes in your scrubs. Keeping your nursing scrubs in good condition is one of the subtleties of being a successful nurse.

If you wear colored scrubs, don’t wear them to the point where they start to look faded. Once your scrubs start fading, replace them with a new pair. You can use your faded scrubs for days when you don’t have to interact with patients.

5. Look For A Soft Fabric

All it takes is buying one pair of scrubs from Walmart to realize quality matters. When you’re on your feet all day running around, you need a soft quality material that isn’t going to irritate your skin. 100% cotton or a cotton and polyester blend are excellent choices for nursing scrubs. Make sure the scrubs feel comfortable on your body since you’ll be wearing them all day.