When you are selling your home, you want it to sell in a timely manner for a good price. To achieve these goals, more and more people are considering staging their homes for open houses. If this is the route you have decided to take, below are 5 tips that will ensure your home staging efforts lead to you selling your house.

1. Spruce up the exterior

You have probably heard the phrase “do not judge a book by its cover”. However, when it comes to homes most people do and as a result, the outside of your home needs to look nice and neat. Otherwise, you will not attract potential homebuyers.

Before listing your house for sale, pay close attention to the outside. Trimming bushes and shrubs, cutting the grass, and planting flowers will make the area look welcoming, well-kept, and enticing to others. Also consider adding a nice outdoor furniture set, a hammock, or an outdoor play set to bring out the house’s full potential and show buyers what they could do with the property.

2. Clean up

You and your family obviously reside in your home. Therefore, it is always going to looked lived in. However, before having open houses, the place needs to be spotless or it will not be appealing to people viewing it.

To guarantee your house is in great shape for viewings, make sure every room is swept and mopped. All beds should be made and the bathroom should be deep-cleaned including sinks, toilets, and showers. Before open houses, spray a cleaning spray throughout the home to make it smell fresh. Use something nice but neutral as you do not want to give the impression you are trying to hide a smell.

3. Add light

The lighting in a home is important but often overlooked. A lack of lighting can make rooms look gloomy and smaller than they really are. Therefore, to make your house look appealing, light is your friend.

To ensure there is more than enough light in your home, change fixtures that may be older. The glass on such fixtures may be foggy and therefore not transparent enough to give off the light it should. Make sure most fixtures are turned on window fixtures are open during viewings. The light added will permeate the rooms and make them bright and big in appearance.

4. Consider furniture

You are no doubt proud of the furniture you have and it has probably provided you and your family with years of comfort and relaxation. However, to bring out the potential of the rooms of your home, you may want to consider renting furniture for staging purposes.

Before holding any open houses, contact some companies that specialize in renting out furniture for staging purposes. Consider renting pieces such as dining and kitchen tables, sofa sets, and side tables that will accentuate the rooms they are in. Make sure the furniture matches the current colour scheme and design of your home or they will stick out and not flow at all.

5. Remove clutter

As mentioned, no one is expecting your house to not look lived in. Nonetheless, you need to make efforts to make the place look neat and this includes removing any clutter that will take away from the beauty of the home.

Potential buyers are particularly interested in features such as countertops and floors. However, these will be hard to see when your belongings are covering them. Do your best to remove everything off of countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms and clean up everything off of living room and bedroom floors. That way, your home will look neat and more impressive to potential buyers.