Streamlining the work process can sometimes feel like an endless task. There are many things that companies try to do to combat this. From buying costly pieces of machinery, to training, and managing; your company has probably tried it all.

That’s why, if you own a business, or work as an office manager you should consider one of the easiest ways to increase productivity by investing in high functioning equipment. This often begins with the company printer.

No longer are printers solely used to print off documents. But, they can now be used as an all-in-one office machine. That’s why, if you’re looking to save your workers time, and you company money why not look at the list below to see why an all in one printer is the perfect addition to your office.

1. It Will Save You Space

Often times, offices and companies struggle with small spaces and tight offices. This over-crowding can turn into an unsightly mess that workers have to deal with. Not only can this crowding be unpleasant on the eyes, but this used space could take away from valuable assets.

For example, having to store such items as a fax machine, a copier, scanner and printer can be the equivalent of two work spaces for your employees. But, when you purchase an all in one machine this will no longer be a worry. That’s because, all of these large items will be condescended into one piece; an ideal fit for tiny office spaces.

2. It Will Save Workers Time

Having to learn how to use different machines can be a time educed effort. This is the same when it comes to having to use them. Plus, if one machine were to malfunction, your workers may not be able to complete the tasks they need to. With a high functioning all in one printer, this will never be a worry. Workers will no longer have to maneuver their way around different machines, or different departments to get their tasks done.

Employees will be able to do everything they need to from a single model of printer. So, if your workers need to print a document and then scan it to their email– they can, and all without having to walk to a different machine to do so.

3. It Will Save You Costs

Though the cost to initially purchase a printer may be high, the long-term savings are definitely worth it. That’s because you will see a difference on your electricity bill almost immediately. All those machines that were sucking up unnecessary energy, will now be reduced down to one. Plus, the maintenance costs and fees associated with maintaining numerous machines will indefinitely be cut down.

4. They’re Easier to Maintain

As it was mentioned above, you will only have the worry about keeping up with one machine. This means, there will be no headaches of keeping up with different maintenance companies and keeping stock of numerous products. Having one item will mean you will have only one company to contact if something were to go wrong. Plus, you will always be sure of what you need to keep on hand to have it running.

5. They are Hi-Tech

Upgrading your business printer will inevitably mean a technological upgrade. This means, your workers will be able to connect to it using Wi-Fi, and email. Going digital also means managers can keep track of which workers are printing large amounts of items, and which departments hardly use it. Ultimately saving on costs, and helping you run your business more efficiently.