Did you know that improperly fitted shoes can cause health problems, especially later on in life? Many of the health concerns that the older generation suffers from can be traced back to their youth and wearing incorrect footwear. Neglecting your feet can take its toll on a person.

Uncomfortable and tight fitting footwear contributes a great deal to these health issues. It can cause back problems and until you get a back problem, it can be difficult to understand the pain, that ‘rusty’ feeling and lack of mobility which can remain for the rest of your life. Birkenstocks are excellent when it comes to footwear, so let’s take a closer look at it.

1. The World-Famous Foot Bed

Birkenstocks are famous all over the world for their comfortable foot beds. It plays a major contribution in good foot health. This is also one of the reasons it helps to prevent foot ailments and other health issues as well as pain. It’s all down to their special foot beds, perfected since the late 1770s! The foot bed allows for natural, correct alignment.

In fact, it would be fair to say their famous foot bed is second to none. It actually molds to the shape of your foot. In fact, the longer you wear it, the more comfortable they get. The foot bed is made from leather and cork and offers comfort and support that is unrivalled.

If you know that you are going to be on your feet all day, the one thing you need to wear on your feet would be Birkenstock sandals.

2. Perfection In Simplicity

Birkenstock sandals are so simple which makes it so perfect to wear (just ask anyone who owns one). It has such simple designs, you can virtually wear them with most anything. There are trendier looks as well that come in eye-catching bright colours. They are one of those things that are flattering on both sexes. They’ll make you look and feel good.

3. Long-lasting

Birkenstocks are long-lasting. They are made from the finest quality materials. Cork soles and suede or leather uppers, these babies are meant to last for a long time. It’s not often you would refer to things you wear on your feet as an investment, but with Birkenstock, you can make an exception!

4. Get Rid Of Pain

Sometimes, no matter how old you are, you may have some pain, possibly in your knees, back or heel. This may affect the older generation more. Obviously, you need to see a doctor to figure out what’s going on and how you can be treated. However, especially with knee and back pain, you may be asked to wear proper footwear or to add those special insoles that are soft and comfortable. These may work for some but not for others, depending on what’s going on in your body.

You could also try Birkenstock. As you know, they are incredibly comfortable and even get more comfortable as time goes on, since they mold to your foot naturally. This may actually help to get rid of the pain you may be feeling. If not, it could at least reduce it, which is better than nothing. You have to wear something comfortable and supportive anyway, so in the process, you may be pleasantly surprised to find an improvement and a reduction in pain.

Birkenstock is a German company that has been around for over 200 years! With such experience and craftsmanship, you are bound to feel much better, relaxed and more comfortable when you wear their footwear.