We all know that having a baby changes everything in our lives. We barely go out in the evenings for meals or to watch movies. We don’t remember what it’s like to have a full night’s sleep. Wine is replaced with coffee. Perhaps most of all, a woman’s body is no longer her own.

Growing a human being is not only exhausting but it has significant physical effects as well. Eventually, life starts to normalize—the baby will sleep through the night, babysitters make offers and freedom returns, but moms are still left with that altered body that can often make them feel self-conscious.

With the work of a great plastic surgeon, a tummy tuck can be a huge step towards restoring that pre-baby body. Here are a few reasons why moms are getting tummy tucks these days.

1. Removing Excess Skin

Pregnancy changes the shape of your stomach and puts significant strain on the skin in the abdominal area. No matter how much you try to exercise or eat healthy during the pregnancy, the baby is still going to grow and use your tummy area as its home, and so the skin will stretch as much as the baby needs.

Unfortunately, we lose elasticity due to the stretching and hormones, so tummies do not bounce back into shape. No amount of dieting and no number of sit-ups and crunches can get rid of this excess skin. Even if you lose a lot of weight and reduce your body fat to the minimal levels, the skin will still be there.

Therefore, many women consider a tummy tuck as the final step in regaining their pre-baby confidence and getting rid of that pouch once and for all.

2. Concealing C-Section Scarring

A tummy tuck will leave scarring as all surgeries do; however, with a great plastic surgeon, this scarring will be neat, tactical, and concealed. During a C-section, on the other hand, the primary intention is to deliver the baby healthy while keeping the mother healthy as well. There is no consideration placed on providing a neat and attractive scar.

In the case of emergency C-sections, women can be left with unsightly and uncomfortable scarring. This is, of course, worth it to keep you and your baby safe, but as time goes on, many moms want tummy tuck surgery to get rid of these unsightly scars and replace them with a flat tummy with minimal scarred areas.

3. Treat Diastasis Recti

During or after pregnancy, some moms experience a separation of the abdominal muscles. This can sometimes be healed with therapy and an exercise program; however, in some cases, a tummy tuck is needed to tighten and realign these muscles while removing the excess skin to make for a tight and attractive abdominal area.

4. Confidence Boost

Many women lose their confidence and have low self-esteem after having children. It is a whole new world—being a mother requires women to take on a different identity. Some women feel less feminine or unattractive in motherhood. They aren’t happy with their new image or lifestyle, and this, coupled with exhaustion and hormones, is a recipe for low self-esteem.

One way to boost that confidence is to undergo a tummy tuck, often as part of a mommy makeover. Plastic surgery can make you feel more comfortable in your own skin and return a small part of who you were before having children

If you have finished having children and are looking to take back your body, then a tummy tuck could be a crucial step to restoring your silhouette and boosting your self-esteem.