When it comes to bicycles, there are many to choose from. Mountain bikes are for those who like to go on rides on rough or mountainous terrain. Road bicycles are those that want a lighter bike and like to race or at least go fast. These are two of the most popular types on the market, but another type that is gaining momentum are fixed-gear bicycles, also known as fixie bicycles.

This style of bike has a drivetrain, one speed and no freewheel option, meaning that you need to be pedalling constantly to keep moving. While this may sound too simplistic and tedious compared to other bicycles, there are actually many benefits of fixie bikes.

1. Less maintenance

Maintaining a bicycle can be a painful and tedious process. Issues with gears, and chains are serious enough to make the bicycle inoperable and this can be frustrating and anxiety-inducing if you need to get to work or school.

Fixie bicycles are a popular option because of how low maintenance they are. This is due to not having gear systems that require attention. Gear systems can also lead to chain complications and as such you will not have to worry about these either. Therefore, when riding a fixie, you can worry less about maintenance and enjoy your ride whenever you need it. The lack of mechanical components on a fixie bicycle also means that the bicycle will resist wear and break-down, allowing you to have and ride it for many years to come.

2. Great exercise

Most bicycles are a great source of exercise however some are more so than others. This is due largely to the presence of gear systems. These gear systems allow for riders to free-wheel, or coast, without having to pedal. It also allows people to gear down over rougher terrain and inclines, making the ride significantly less strenuous. While these abilities are convenient and make for an easier ride, it makes for for less exercise if this was the goal of the bike ride in the first place.

Fixie bicycles allow for a great workout because coasting and gearing down are not options. The bicycle only moves when the rider is pedaling, resulting in some great exercise for the leg muscles. In addition, upper limbs are also exercised as fixie bikes require stronger grips to compensate for a lack of a gear system that would make the ride easier. 

3. Economical

When buying a bicycle, you want to buy a reliable one without going broke when paying for it. Luckily, getting a fixie bicycle can allow you to achieve these goals easily.

As mentioned previously, fixie bikes do not require a lot of maintenance, only a tune-up every now and then. Consequently, you will not be paying repair shops to fix complex gear systems because fixie bicycles do not have them. The companies that manufacture fixie bikes are able to cheaper than other types  due to a lack of mechanical components. As a result, they are able to sell them cheaply to the consumer.

4. Lightweight

While mountain bicycles are rugged and heavy because they are meant for rougher terrains and step inclines, fixie bicycles are simple and lightweight as they are designed more for urban dwellers who are used to riding on flatter areas.

Fixie bicycles are lighter due to their lack of components. As a result, they are easy to accelerate on which can make up for the lack of gear systems. This type of bicycle definitely benefits riders who may be a bit pressed for space in their residences. Instead of placing the bike in an area where it does not belong or trying to cram it into an area already filled, a rider can easily store it on some hooks on a wall. The bike is light enough where it can be placed on the wall when not in use and lifted off when needed.