Some people believe that a motorcycle jacket is worn so the wearer can look the part of a motorcyclist and keep aligned with the culture of doing so. However this is not true.

Just like helmets, gloves, and boots, a motorcycle jacket is a crucial piece of equipment that needs to be worn while riding a motorcycle. While there are similarities among jackets, none are the same with some having better qualities and more features than others. Below are some of the features the motorcycle jacket that you wear must have.

1. Material

When it comes to motorcycle jackets, it is a common misconception that the material that they are made from is all about the look one wants to assume. However, the material of the jacket is so much more than this and can be the different between being in good shape after a fall and sustaining life-threatening injury.

There are many different motorcycle jackets available made of materials such as denim, suede, nylon, or artificial leather. However, these are not strong enough to withstand a fall and therefore will not keep you safe. Jackets made from materials such as real leather, Kevlar, or Gore-Tex are resistant to abrasion. This means that the material will not tear or split, keeping you safe in the event of an accident.

2. The right fit

The motorcycle jacket that you wear allows you to achieve the look that you want but it also plays a huge role in keeping you safe. Before you settle on a jacket that you are considering, think about all of the areas of your body it covers. This includes arms, wrists, back, ribs, and vital organs such as your heart, kidneys, and liver. Now think about the damage that could be done if these parts were not adequately covered with a jacket that fits appropriately.

To confirm that your motorcycle jacket fits correctly, there are a few steps that you can take. Pu the jacket on and make sure it comes down to your wrists. Also confirmed that it covers your back even when you lean forward with your arms out since this will be your position when riding your bike. Doing so will guarantee that the jacket sufficiently covers you when you are on your motorcycle.

3. Ventilation

When riding your motorcycle, you want to do it at comfortable temperatures. Doing so at extreme hot or cool temperatures will not be enjoyable for you and it could increase your risk of being involved in an accident.

Consider a motorcycle jacket that features ways to adapt to the temperatures you may experience while riding your bike. In hot weather, zipper or button vents can allow air to reach your body and are effective in cooling yourself down. You should also consider a jacket that is able to stretch enough to enable you to wear additional layers or add armour inserts to shield you from the cold.

4. Design

Your motorcycle jacket probably looks elegant and sleek, but there is more to the design than just the look. The design should entail certain features that adds convenience to your bike ride and also makes you as safe as you can be.

The motorcycle jacket that you wear should include cuffs and button links. This will allow you to fasten gloves to your jacket and will not leave any of your wrist or arm vulnerable to possible injuries. The bottom of the jacket should also be somewhat elastic to prevent the jacket from riding up. This would leave your back and stomach exposed to weather elements and injury in the event of an accident.