If you have a gut feeling that your man is cheating on you, you might be right. Whenever our instinct tells us that something is wrong, it becomes difficult to ignore, and it can be impossible to keep going and to pretend everything is alright.

But before you accuse him of cheating, and rush to get a divorce or end your relationship, you will need proof of what your gut is telling you. Having an honest discussion with your partner to let him know about your fears and your doubts could be helpful, but unless he wants to put an end to your relationship, he will probably not tell you the truth.

Your partner might get angry and tell you you are being paranoid, and that your fears are ridiculous. How then can you find out the truth?

If you want to know how to catch your man cheating, you need to watch for different signs, and to get a little sneaky:

1. Watch for the signs of cheating

Have you noticed some changes in your man’s behaviour lately? Perhaps he has started working out, even though he has often told you he hated going to the gym. Or maybe he is now wearing different clothes, using seductive perfume, or coming home late from work on most week nights.

If your partner acts nervous whenever you are entering a room while he is on the phone or on his computer, it could be another sign that there is another woman in his life.

And if he gets angry whenever you ask questions about why his behaviour changed, or about where he has been, you should definitely investigate the situation.

2. Investigate your man

If your man is definitely acting suspicious, there are different things you can do to search for clues. Ask a private investigator to look into your cheating spouse. They might find proof that he is cheating on you.

Here is some evidence you can collect to catch your man cheating:

Look at his cellphone bills

If you and your husband or partner share a cell phone plan, you could find some clues by looking at your shared cellphone bills. Search for phone numbers you don’t recognize, and for calls or text messages sent or received at odd times during the day or the evening.

Look as his cellphone contacts

If you can take a peek into your man’s cellphone, check his contacts to see if you notice any suspicious name. You could also browse through his text messages and emails. If his phone is protected by a password, while this was not the case before, it could be a sign that he has something to hide.

Check his browsing history

Looking at your partner’s browsing history could also reveal some interesting clues. If he has been visiting many dating sites, or making online reservations for hotel rooms or fancy restaurants where he never invited you, you are right to question his honesty.

Investigate his social media accounts

If your man is active on social medias, you could spy on his actions. Look for the photos he has liked or commented on, or women he has interacted with. You could even discover that he has a second Facebook account, for example.

Take a look in the trash can

This doesn’t sound like fun, but you could find something suspicious while looking in his trash can or recycling bin. Look for restaurant or hotel receipts, phone numbers on napkins or scraps of paper, used condoms, and hair accessories that don’t belong to you.

3. Try to catch him in the act

When you have found enough proofs that your man is cheating, you might want to confront him about the situation. Or you might want to try to catch him in the act. Seeing your man with another woman would be painful, but at least you would know the truth and stop living a lie.

Visit your man when he’s not expecting you

You could catch your man cheating if you visit him when he is not expecting you. You could go see him at work, for example, or drop by his place unannounced. If you live together, you could come back home early without letting him know.

Make a fake online profile

If you have found out that your man has a profile on a dating site, or a secret Facebook profile, you could make a fake profile and send him an invite. If he starts flirting with you, you are right to wonder how many other women he may have flirted with.

Follow him after a fight

Does your man often pick up a fight with you, only to get angry and walk away? These arguments could be an excuse for him to go visit someone else. The next time he slams the door, consider following him just to see where he goes.

Pretend you are going away on a trip

Finally, you could set a trap for your man to try to catch him in the act. Pretend you are going away on a trip with a friend, but stay in town and keep an eye on his home. If a woman drops by as soon as you are gone, you will know what he is doing whenever you are away for real.