Your family room is this comfortable and functional space where your whole family can relax, watch movies, play video games and board games, and spend time together.

But if this family room is in your basement, you might be looking for a way to brighten it up, especially if it only has small windows for the sun to shine in. The right lighting can help, but if you really want to transform your family room, you need to give it a fresh coat of paint.

How can you brighten up your family room? The best paint colours for basement family rooms mostly appear to be light, neutral, or more adventurous. When you hire a painting company for your renovation project, you may want to give them some ideas as inspiration.

Here are the fifteen best paint colors for basement family room that will look great on your walls:

1. Bright White Colors

If you really want to brighten up your basement family room, you can’t go wrong with bright white walls. You can choose a pure white, a warm white or a cool white: in fact, there are many beautiful hues of white paint to choose from, and they will all bring some light to your family room.

2. Cream Colors

Cream is one of the best paint colors for a basement family room. If you like neutral colours, but you would like something other than white, you could choose cream coloured paint for your basement family room. Cream is somewhere between white and beige, and it can set a relaxing ambiance. Just like white walls, cream walls can be accented with accessories of different colours.

3. Light Grey Colors

Light grey walls will also set a relaxing ambiance while lighting up the room. They can be paired with modern looking furniture, or with furniture and decorative accessories in bright, bold colours for a truly unique look. Of course, there are different shades and hues of grey to choose from.

4. Sky Blue Colors

If your whole family enjoys calm and relaxing colours, you could paint your basement family room a nice shade of sky blue. If some family members would prefer a more lively decor, you could easily complement pale blue walls with furniture or accessories in red, yellow, or bright orange.

5. Light Green Colors

Light green paint can also be used to brighten up a basement family room. No matter which tone of light green you want to apply to your walls, you’ll be adding a bright, fresh, fun, and natural touch to the room. You could get beautiful wooden furniture to turn your family room into a relaxing forest refuge.

6. Yellow Colors

If you want a bright, dynamic, joyful family room, you can paint your walls yellow. This cheerful and vibrant colour can instantly replace sunshine, which makes it perfect for a dark basement. You should consider pairing your yellow walls with neutral furniture and accessories to add some balance to the decor of your family room.

What if you enjoy having a dark family room?

If it’s time to give your family room a makeover, but you don’t want to paint it white or a light shade of grey, you can go for a darker, saturated colour. After all, dark paint colours can give a lot of character to a basement family room, and they are perfect when it’s time to get cozy and watch a movie.

7. Dark Grey Colors

You can paint the walls with a dark grey to turn your family room into an elegant and cozy retreat. If you enjoy watching movies all together, dark grey walls will make you feel like you are in a private movie theater. But if you also want to play games in your family room, you will need a lot of lighting to be able to see what you are doing.

8. Brown Colors

Earth tones are becoming more and more popular, and painting the walls of your family room a dark shade of brown could turn it into a warm and inviting space. Brown walls look great with white furniture, but you can experiment with different wooden tones and textures, or with other light or dark colours.

9. Navy Blue Colors

If grey or brown walls are not for you, how about navy blue walls? This is another great option if you want your basement family rooms to have a bold, deep and saturated look. Navy blue goes very well with red, white or yellow accents, especially if you want to brighten it up just a bit.

10. Red Colors

Finally, red paint could also transform your basement family room in an unexpected way: red can be dark, but it can also be vibrant and full of energy. If you feel like painting all the walls red would feel too overwhelming, you could choose to have only one red accent wall, with a neutral colour for the other ones.