I had the pleasure of getting a behind the scenes look at the first Whole Foods Market to be opening in New Hampshire, which happens to be in my shopping mecca of Nashua.  Let me be the first person to tell you that the store is beautiful! Thoughtfully designed and laid out with an airy feeling, nothing like the supermarket that previously occupied that space.  Its a treat for all the senses and it will only get better when they officially open this coming Tuesday August 19th.


If you haven’t visited a Whole Foods Market before, let me explain what’s it all about.  It is a fully stocked grocery store where you can fulfill your entire grocery list because they have everything from toilet paper and dog food to fresh meat and produce.  It has everything any other grocery store would have and more.  But what makes Whole Foods Market special is their mission of providing only the highest quality products that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.  They also have a commitment to supporting the local community through using local suppliers and farms. Four times a year they also have a day where they donate 5% of the sales to a local non-profit organization.


But before you jump to the conclusion that you have to be rich to shop at Whole Foods, listen up.  Whole Foods offers both conventional and organic products, both of which pricing is very competitive to other supermarkets. Trust me, I was secretly scrutinizing the price tags during my tour.  Whole Foods even offers their own in store brand called 365 Everyday Value, which provides great deals while still holding to their strict product standards.  They also have a bi-monthly coupon booklet called The Whole Deal and they accept manufacturer’s coupons as well! And get this, they also offer shoppers a “Value Tour,” where they take you around the store giving you tips on how to save while shopping at Whole Foods.  I will also be reporting back to you after my first shopping trip with tips and tricks to shop  at Whole Foods, without breaking the bank, so stay tuned!

One of my favorite things at Whole Foods: the bulk bins!

One of my favorite things at Whole Foods: the bulk bins!

Okay, back to my tour.  I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I had planned, I was much too mesmerized by the store, so you will definitely have to check it out yourself.  But what is worth mentioning is that this particular Whole Foods Market also has a pub inside that has 32 different beers on tap along with wine and also will be serving some tasty food.  This is in addition to the prepared and made fresh to order foods like pizza, soups and sandwiches that they also have in the store.  This store also will have a person making fresh tortillas and a meat smoker for those BBQ enthusiasts.   If you aren’t already a foodie, this store will turn you into one real quick!

Whole Foods Market located at 255 Amherst Street in Nashua, NH is opening on August 19th, but you can have an official sneak peek of the store tomorrow, check out their Facebook page for more details.